• Wide Range of Problem Solving Chemicals

    Our catalogue of chemical solutions offer the widest range of treatment chemicals for all types of application such as industrial boiler, cooling or closed systems. We have blends specifically tailored to treat systems with specific needs.
  • Biocidal Control & Disinfection Solutions

    Domestic and industry water processes can be ideal breeding systems for microbial growth, our innovative chemical and equipment solutions help keep you safe and compliant.
  • Chemistry & Micro Water Analysis

    We can provide you with both rugged water testing kits for in field analysis of water quality and treatment levels as well as laboratory water analysis that provides you results you can trust. We now partner with a UKAS accredited Micro Lab that is one of the only places in the country now offering a 24hr result for Legionella analysis.
  • High Performance Chemical Control Equipment

    High performance pumps, meters and chemical control equipment manufactured to the highest quality standards and designed for demanding commercial, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.
  • Water Treatment Solutions - Pakistan

    Bravo Chemichal Pakistan provide water treatment solutions for a global audience of Industrial and Facilities management companies. Our chemicals & equipment are manufactured right here in the UK to strict ISO standards.

Water Treatment Technologies

Advanced, scientifically formulated water treatment chemicals manufactured to the highest international quality and environmental standards for guaranteed performance. Bravo Chemicals water treatment products are used in many of the world’s most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments to improve productivity, optimise performance and reduce life-cycle costs.

Delivering exceptional performance, Bravo Chemicals products include water treatment chemicals for steam boilers, cooling towers, cooling water systems and closed circuits; wastewater and effluent treatment chemicals, high performance industrial chemicals, reverse osmosis membrane products, eco-friendly biological formulations, advanced polymers and much more …

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Water Analysis Equipment

High performance water testing kits and water quality analysis equipment designed and manufactured for guaranteed performance. Bravo Chemicals professional water analysis equipment is designed for chemists, microbiologists, water treatment professionals and facilities management specialists who need to accurately test and monitor the quality of water and other aqueous solutions.

Our water testing and analysis products include biocide test kits, comparator tests, corrosion monitoring services, portable incubators, Legionella detection and analysis equipment, laboratory testing services, microbiology monitoring equipment, electronic meters, test strips, titration tests, professional in-field test kits and much more…

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Dosing & Control Equipment

Bravo Chemicals range of high performance dosing pumps, meters and control equipment are designed and engineered to the highest quality standards for unrivalled performance.Bravo Chemicals control equipment is used extensively in a wide range of demanding commercial, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.

Delivering cost effective, long term performance, Bravo Chemicals range of chemical dosing pumps, meters and control equipment includes mechanical and electric dosing pumps, water treatment control equipment, chlorine dioxide generators, stainless steel grease traps, real-time analysis equipment, mechanical and electronic meters, complete turn-key control systems and much more ...…

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Water Treatment Chemicals & Equipment from Bravo Chemicals Pakistan.

Bravo Chemicals Pakistan is an innovative, industry leading water treatment chemical technology specialist serving global environmental, municipal and industrial process markets. Working closely with industry our specialist advisers combine world-class technical expertise with our own advanced chemical treatment technologies to create practical solutions to resolve complex problems.

Bravo Chemicals Pakistan comprehensive product range is fully supported by teams of highly trained technical specialists and includes high performance water treatment chemicals and speciality products, water analysis and testing equipment, laboratory services, dosing pumps, meters and control equipment.

Our advanced; scientifically formulated range of speciality chemicals incorporates water treatment chemicals for steam boilers, cooling towers, cooling water systems and closed circuits; wastewater and effluent treatment chemicals, high performance industrial cleaning and janitorial chemicals, advanced polymers, state-of-the-art solid chemicals, reverse osmosis membrane products, eco-friendly biological formulations and much more.

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Featured Water Treatment Products & Services

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Stabilised Bromine Biocide
(Concentrated Liquid)

Bravo Chemicals 2978 is a “next generation” stabilised bromine biocide formulated using a new, advanced stabiliser to create a super concentrated, activated bromine liquid that gives excellent, long-lasting results against problematic biofilm, algae and a wide range of bacteria including Legionella.
Bravo Chemicals 2978 is formulated using an advanced patented compound that works to stabilise the activated bromine in solution without interfering with its biocidal..

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Water Treatment Training Courses

Bravo Chemicals have developed a range of high quality water treatment training courses designed specifically for engineers, facilities managers and water treatment professionals.
Each of our training course delivers a highly effective combination of theory, case study review and practical application through classroom and workshop activities.

The training courses are run at various locations throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

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Corrosion Inhibitor & Antifoulant for Closed Circuits Containing Aluminium

Bravo Chemicals 2309 is a high performance water treatment chemical scientifically formulated using a blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors and developed as a corrosion inhibitor and antifoulant for closed circuit water systems containing aluminium.
The superior performance of Bravo Chemicals 2309 which includes molybdate, protects steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals. In addition Bravo Chemicals 2309 is designed to protect systems which incorporate...

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Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant

Bravo Chemicals 8114 an exceptionally powerful, eco-friendly disinfectant that is scientifically formulated using silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Bravo Chemicals 8114 provides a very wide spectrum of biocidal activity and is proven to be highly effective against an extensive range of pathogens in water, air and on hard surfaces.
Bravo Chemicals 8114 is a highly effective, environmentally responsible solution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide (50%) stabilised using a specially formulated silver based...

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Featured Water Treatment Products & Services

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Biocide Tablets Air Conditioning Systems, Humidifiers, Tanks & Water Features

Bravo Chemicals 8208 comprises a high performance, slow dissolving tablet based biocide scientifically formulated for the treatment of air conditioning systems, humidifiers, water tanks and water features.
Bravo Chemicals 8208 is a tablet biocide that is scientifically formulated to provide the long lasting control of slime forming bacteria, sludge and other biological growths in HVAC systems, air conditioning condensate pans, ducted systems, humidifiers, drain lines, water tanks, gullies, decorative water features and more.

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Oxygen Scavenger for Feed Water & Boiler System Passivation (Hydrazine Replacement)

Bravo Chemicals 2061 is a high performance DEHA based oxygen scavenger scientifically formulated to deliver outstanding protection from oxygen corrosion together with effective feed water and boiler system passivation. Bravo Chemicals 2061 can also be used as a replacement for hydrazine.
Bravo Chemicals 2061 may be used in boilers at up to 125 bar, eliminating most of the safety hazards and handling precautions associated with the use of hydrazine.

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Solid Foamer (Soap Stick) for Water Removal from Gas Wells

Bravo Chemicals Soap Sticks comprise a high performance, chemical foamer manufactured in a convenient solid stick form, developed to remove water from gas wells and increase gas production.

Bravo Chemicals Soap Sticks are scientifically formulated using 100% active surfactants,friction reducer and foam stabiliser in water-soluble tubes.Natural gas bubbling through the water column and 100% active ingredients produces foam which can help remove water from “watered"

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EpiDMA Polymer Cationic Coagulant Emulsion

Bravo Chemicals 4350 is a high performance; epichlorhydrin-dimethylamine (Epi-DMA) based cationic coagulant emulsion polymer scientifically formulated for use in a range of wastewater and effluent treatment applications.
Bravo Chemicals 4350 comprises a linear low molecular weight cationic polymer, an aqueous solution of a polyquaternary ammonium chloride, commonly called epichlorhydrin-dimethylamine (EpiDMA).

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Neutral Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for Open Cooling Systems (Hard Water)

Bravo Chemicals 2202 is a high performance, non-volatile cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of open circuit evaporative cooling systems and air conditioning plant operating under hard water conditions.
Bravo Chemicals 2202 is a high specification cooling water treatment product developed to be used in conjunction with Bravo Chemicals.

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Broad Spectrum Micro-Biocide for Industrial Cooling Water Systems

Bravo Chemicals 2827 is a high performance broad spectrum, non-foaming, readily biodegradable micro-biocide scientifically formulated for the treatment of industrial cooling water systems.
Bravo Chemicals 2827 is based on a formulation of isothiazoline derivatives and is completely soluble in water.

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Bravo Chemicals work with industry worldwide delivering practical, cost effective solutions to resolve complex problems. If you require technical assistance, or information about our water treatment chemicals and other speciality products, please contact our dedicated technical support team on:
(+92) 334.4003231 or complete our Technical Support form.

Bravo Chemicals offer custom chemical manufacturing, specialist toll blending and white label production services for our own water treatment chemicals and client specific formulations to Pakistan and international customers.
To discover how you could benefit from our environmentally sensitive, quality driven chemical manufacturing capabilities please call us on (+92) 334.4003231